Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jane Burton Taylor - Earth

Jane Burton Taylor is launching her latest Exhibition at the Barometer Gallery on the 10th of June click on the image above for more info and make sure to keep the evening free to come along! The photographs are beautiful and I have really enjoyed working with her on this project. To view more of Janes work please visit her website by clicking HERE and read below for an insight into this latest work.

"Colour photographs taken from a moving car explore the relationship between simultaneous stillness and movement. Photographed in the mountains that form the spine of Sicily, Italy, a region rich in human and mythic history, the images capture both a sense of movement and gentle meditation on the landscape. The works are metaphors for living a life balancing steadiness and change, the eternal and the ephemeral.

It is named Earth, because the earth is constantly spinning, though we don’t, as individuals, see or feel this as a direct experience. Yet it is a phenomenon that occurs in the grander scheme of the natural world, one which actually allows us to exist and prosper. " - Jane Burton Taylor

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Andrea Klucis - Photogroup Exhibition @ Gaffa Gallery

On the 3rd of June Andrea Klucis is showing her latest series of work in a group show at Gaffa Gallery. I have enjoyed printing this series comprising of nostalgic moments that im sure all australians can relate to. The show runs until the 15th of June make sure to check it out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

George Voulgaropoulos - City West Link

Currently showing at the Gaffa Gallery until June 1st is a really nice show by George Voulgaropoulos whom I process film for. George was featured in last years Projections. His use of Light and his eye for capturing the moment is brilliant. The show is also beautifully printed so if your in the area check it out. To visit Georges website please click HERE

No Direction Known - Exhibition Opening

Myself and Pete Longworth at the opening of his exhibition tonight. The work on show by Pete Longworth makes me wish I could carry his travel bags. The shot are great so if you haven't already seeing it and been teased by the exotic locations check it out! for further info check my earlier post by clicking HERE. I feel really special because this image of me and Pete was photographed on true Polaroid material!!! A rarer and rarer thing today! Thank god impossible project is bringing it back to life!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lynn Smith Exhibition - Global Gallery

From left to right : Lynn Smith, Sandra barnard and Stephen Frizza at the launch of Lynn Smiths Exhibition at Global Gallery