Monday, March 15, 2010

A peek Through The Lighthouse Lab - Sandy Prints

The first picture here shows our 2 mural enlargers with vacuum walls, please excuse the wooden crates on the floor they are an exhibition due to be shipped overseas which we just printed.

Image number shows one of our 4x5" enlargers which we use for proofing jobs etc, next to it on the right is a paper coffin, and on the left just peaking in there is the second vacuum wall. Upon the shelf are diffusion boxes for the enlargers.

Image number 3 shows our Kodak LVT film recorder in the background next to the door, Our 50" Ra-4 paper processor with numerous boxes of paper below it and a paper coffin. In the foreground is another 10x10" enlarger.

Image number 4 is the same 10x10" enlarger as was in image number 3. The black box in the wall is the paper take up to our 50" ilfochrome processor. with boxes of paper below. This processor can also process Black and white resin paper.

Image number 5 is one of our light tables in the mural printing room.

Image number 6 shows the two paper processors the 50" RA-4 in the foreground and the 50" Ilfochrome processor in the background.

Image number 7 is of the black and white fiber printing rooms darkroom sink, we also have 2 durst enlargers in there im yet to photograph.

Image number 8 is of the filing draws and stairs up to the mezzanine level where we do all our film scanning and digital work, also rest and relax. On the far left you can see the kitchen area.

Image number 9 is looking down the hallway into the kitchen and bathroom.

Image 10 is a picture of our daylight chemical prep sink.

Image 11 shows inside the film processing room where film is loaded.

Image 12 shows my C-41 dip and dunk processor

image 13 shows the main room of the lab where prints are spotted examined and packaged away.Behind the table on the right you can see the 2 film drying cabinets for my E-6 and C-41 film processors.

Image 13 shows the main room with studio lighting on

I Hope you enjoy having a little look around.

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