Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stain Series - Stephen Frizza

This image was created in 2 parts. The First part the subject material was a piece of Ilford resin black and white paper I had taken and exposed to light. I then splashed it with a variety of different chemicals then lain a second sheet of photographic paper upon it. I then splashed more photographic chemicals upon the sheet of paper and let the liquid crystallize upon its surface. I then left the paper on the floor of my darkroom for 1 month, letting my shoe occasionally step on it letting mold and mildew build up in colonies to produce this alien landscape.

The second part of this image was done by taking this piece of paper and placing it on a copy stand where i made an 8x10" transparency and an 8x10" colour negative from it. The original landscape (the top image) was about 25cm x 47cm in size while the final image is to be printed 50 inches by 95 inches to consume the viewer in this landscape of chemical, Bacterial and fungal mess. I have provided 2 other samples of small sections of the image (the second two photographs here) so you can see close up some of the landscape.

~ Stephen Frizza

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