Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Holocaust - M.I. Records

Every week The Lighthouse Lab will have at least one client come in with old film that has been sitting in either their home or the home of a relative for well over 20 years. Sometimes these rolls offer nothing, more often than not they have images of a by gone holiday or the family with the their first car. Nice nostalgic images which are treasure finds. Every few months though these old films yield truly astonishing images. This week such a roll arrived at The Lighthouse.
While it was in very poor condition it proved to hold almost 60 very interesting images from world war two. This film however was not the original film but clearly a duplicate of an original made in the late 1940's. The final exposure on the roll indicates it was for The British Ministry of Information however as to why they never processed this piece of film remains a mystery.

~Stephen Frizza

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