Friday, August 12, 2005

Colour Control and Gray Scale Patches

Earlier I wrote about how important it is to keep Photographic Chemistry under tight control. However another impostant aspect to Photographic Control is done in the process of exposing the film. Above is an example of the kodak Colour Control and Gray Scale Patches. These are especially impostant when photographing such things as artworks, fabric swatches and the like.
The Inclusion of these into an image allows a printer to perfectly match a subject via compairing these standardised kodak patches with the image being printed. Because the image has a step wedge ranging from absolute white to black and the primary printing colours if there is any problems with the exposed film, i.e if the image was exposed under colour cast light or is exposed with incorect density, contrast etc... the inclusion of these cards in an image will indicate this to the printer. Other such cards are made by GretagMacbeth.

~ Stephen Frizza

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