Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Warrick Martin

Its always a good day at the lighthouse when Wazza leaves new film. Most commonly shooting on 6x17 and using E-6 film his images are always perfectly exposed, have brilliant composition and when they find their way to the lightbox they are so radiant. It's work like this which is one of the reasons I love what I do so much even if it is a tease making me dream of how ide love to travel to so many of the places he has been hahaha.

~Stephen Frizza

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stain Series - Stephen Frizza

This image was created in 2 parts. The First part the subject material was a piece of Ilford resin black and white paper I had taken and exposed to light. I then splashed it with a variety of different chemicals then lain a second sheet of photographic paper upon it. I then splashed more photographic chemicals upon the sheet of paper and let the liquid crystallize upon its surface. I then left the paper on the floor of my darkroom for 1 month, letting my shoe occasionally step on it letting mold and mildew build up in colonies to produce this alien landscape.

The second part of this image was done by taking this piece of paper and placing it on a copy stand where i made an 8x10" transparency and an 8x10" colour negative from it. The original landscape (the top image) was about 25cm x 47cm in size while the final image is to be printed 50 inches by 95 inches to consume the viewer in this landscape of chemical, Bacterial and fungal mess. I have provided 2 other samples of small sections of the image (the second two photographs here) so you can see close up some of the landscape.

~ Stephen Frizza

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nice Feedback

Its always nice to get some feedback, Thanks Dan. To check out Dan Himbrechts blog please visit

~ Stephen Frizza

Friday, July 10, 2009

Simon Upton

Simon Upton is one of the Australias leading photographers in fashion, editorial, celebrity portraiture. I was asked to Proof these images of Naomi Watts for him which I really enjoyed. Most of simons work is now done on digital with Mike Cockcroft of Bitdepth playing a large roll in the post production. To see more of Simon Uptons work please visit his website at or visit his Australian Agent RPR here

~Stephen Frizza

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lighthouse Lab Joins You Tube

The Lighthouse Lab has Just joined You Tube. I look forward to using the Lighthouse Lab on You Tube as a way of showing followers interesting videos of photographic processes, interesting photographers work and also general videos I find inspiring. To visit The Lighthouse Lab on you Tube please visit Enjoy.

~Stephen Frizza

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Home Made Lens Test

With how busy The Lighthouse Lab keeps me I rarely find the time to shoot. So when I do its usually in ungodly hours of the morning or night. This series of 6 images was shot on a lens I had made myself out of plastic pipe and some pieces of curved glass that I was given from a friend who has recently retired from the Photographic Industry. I focus literally by holding the front element of glass at different distances along the tube, also if i tilt the glass i use to focus it throws areas out of focus similar to a lens Baby. Mind you i like the fact my creation was free. Because of how it distorts and has issues focusing i feel the lens had drunk i took it out for a night on the town. This series resulted please click on image for larger view

~Stephen Frizza

Holocaust - M.I. Records

Every week The Lighthouse Lab will have at least one client come in with old film that has been sitting in either their home or the home of a relative for well over 20 years. Sometimes these rolls offer nothing, more often than not they have images of a by gone holiday or the family with the their first car. Nice nostalgic images which are treasure finds. Every few months though these old films yield truly astonishing images. This week such a roll arrived at The Lighthouse.
While it was in very poor condition it proved to hold almost 60 very interesting images from world war two. This film however was not the original film but clearly a duplicate of an original made in the late 1940's. The final exposure on the roll indicates it was for The British Ministry of Information however as to why they never processed this piece of film remains a mystery.

~Stephen Frizza