Monday, June 15, 2009

New Year 2008

This image was photographed by Michael Waite. The process he used to create the colour in this image is very interesting. It is done by taking 3 images on black and white film and I had to sit very very still. The first image is shot through a red filter, the second through a green filter and the third through a blue filter. The three black and white negatives are then paired with their complimentry CYM colour accoring to the filter they were exposed with. Then when printed the diffrent densities of the negatives and their CYM filters combine to produce these colour renditions. This image was scanned by Mike Cockcroft of Bit Depth making sure to keep the colour true to its analog form. The image was then used to make my end of year cards.Thanks Michael Waite and Mike Cockroft for your great work.

~Stephen Frizza

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