Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Long Bay Jail

The Past month I have been juggling client work at the lighthouse lab with a private commission from the Heritage Office and The Department of Correctional Services to spend one month at Long bay Correctional Facility. This Site was built well over 100 years ago originally as an isolated women's prison. Over the years it has grown into one of the biggest male prisons in the country with some interesting features. Such as a hospital for prisoners and The largest coal fired boilers in the southern hemisphere. The boilers were a Highlight of my shooting there! The place was ultra dirty but the turn of the century machinery was stunning. One aspect of the job which at first worried me was that because of the jobs duration they did not have someone with me at all times. In fact there was never anyone with me, but the inmates were all really friendly.
The facility was quite diffrent to what i expected. The job was completed on 2800 sheets of 4x5" but im sure I could have easily shot another 2800 sheets there.

~Stephen Frizza

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