Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Buna Collection

The Buna collection is actually a collection of images from 35mm kodak motion picture NITRATE FILM. The origin of the Film is from a deceased estate in Sydney. The material was being sold by the estate seller because they thought there might be a buyer interested in the old motion picture cans. They were in a very poor condition so badly corroded that they could not be opened as rust had sealed them shut. My intrest spiked though when on some of the reel labels I could read Nitrate Film. So I purchased all 7 reels for $20.00 just so I could do some tests on just how flammable Nitrate Film really was. Upon finally opening the tins which were bloody hard to open I realised there was content on the films. When I viewed them this is a sample of what I saw...raw unedited footage of Japanese soldiers who had been killed during world war two in Buna. The 7 reels contain about 500 deceased soldiers each getting about 5 seconds of footage.
These reels are now in the process of being duplicated and preserved for historical records.

~Stephen Frizza

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