Thursday, September 10, 2009

Andrea Klucis

I met Andrea Klucis nine years ago at a photographic supply company called Vanbar. Some years Later we both worked at the Original Platinum Imaging facility a small pro lab that offered E-6,C-41 and B&W Dip and Dunk processing along with Fuji Fontier Minilab printing. Since those awesome days I went on to work at Photo Technica and later Build The Lighthouse Lab and Andrea went on to work at Foto Riesel another Awesome company which sells photographic supplies and cameras. Apart from Andreas amazing knowledge on all things photographic she is also an awesome photographer. This image I have on display above was given to me as a gift by her. It reminds me of the days as a child the local pub in Budgiewoi where I grew up used to have Wet T-shirt competitions and a sea of bikies would swell around the pub. Being just a kid all I would see was inked up arms and not enough space to swing a cat.

Thanks andrea for the photograph and all the advice and knowledge you have instilled in me over the years.

~Stephen Frizza

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