Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Changes at The Lighthouse


Over the past month massive changes have been taking place with The Lighthouse Lab.

The lease agreement as planned expired on the Lighthouse Labs Bondi location this year and it was my decision not to renew the agreement. Instead after a lot of consideration and many talks with a dear friend and role model of mine, master printer Sandra Barnard who owns and runs Sandy Prints in Lane Cove. We have decided to share space in lane cove offering a wider range of services to our clients. Her website is located at

I have disconnected the land line at the Bondi facility and will not be reconnecting it at Lane Cove. I am now available only on the Lighthouse Lab Number 0415 677 522. Unlike the Bondi facility where I worked 7 days a week I am now only available by appointment.

Over the past five years I have had a great time in Bondi, I have worked with a lot of great people and worked on many awesome projects as can be seen through this blog.

I look forward to an exciting future working with my clients, their projects and also taking time to work on my own photographic ventures which over the past few years have been on the back burner due to the heavy workloads at The Lighthouse. With the New facility I will now be able to offer hand crafted RA-4, B&W and Ilfochrome Murals 50inch x?", Film Recording up to 8x10" from digital files and a range of other services I have previously been unable to undertake. Working alone it has been an incredibly big project for me to make this move. If anyone would like further information on the new facility or my private photographic ventures please don't hesitate to ask. My Email is and I can be contacted through this blog or via my mobile which is 0415 677 522. If I don't not answer Please leave a message as I am often in the Darkroom.


Stephen Frizza

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ali Nasseri

Ali Nasseri is an amazing sydney based photographer who regularly shoots 6x7 medium format film. These images are just a small taster of the kind of work that I have processed for Ali. Just recently one of ali's images was used as the promotional image for Sydneys Art and About 2009. Visit Alis website at Thanks Ali for having me involved in your projects I always love what you do.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rob Fisher

Rob Fisher is a sydney based photographer who I have been privilaged to work with over the past 5 years. His work is shot using medium format film in 6x6 format and has a trademark linner vingette on the left hand side. Rob has a great eye for classic and urban landscape photography and has for many years been working on a study of trees. His website can be viewed at

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Andrea Klucis

I met Andrea Klucis nine years ago at a photographic supply company called Vanbar. Some years Later we both worked at the Original Platinum Imaging facility a small pro lab that offered E-6,C-41 and B&W Dip and Dunk processing along with Fuji Fontier Minilab printing. Since those awesome days I went on to work at Photo Technica and later Build The Lighthouse Lab and Andrea went on to work at Foto Riesel another Awesome company which sells photographic supplies and cameras. Apart from Andreas amazing knowledge on all things photographic she is also an awesome photographer. This image I have on display above was given to me as a gift by her. It reminds me of the days as a child the local pub in Budgiewoi where I grew up used to have Wet T-shirt competitions and a sea of bikies would swell around the pub. Being just a kid all I would see was inked up arms and not enough space to swing a cat.

Thanks andrea for the photograph and all the advice and knowledge you have instilled in me over the years.

~Stephen Frizza

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tristan Stills

Tristan Stills is a digital photography genius who is with Electric art in surry hills. A company I strongly advise people to take a look at. Their slogan is Play God and they really do! The website is

Anyhow Tristan is not only a master at digital post production there. He also works magic with film as you can see from these 3 images he shot. Over the years I have seen him do such things as shoot on 20x24" Polaroid, make giant pinhole cameras and many other unusual photographic adaptations. I love being involved in anything Tristan does. Visit his website at

~Stephen Frizza

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wonderland - Pete Longworth

Over the past few weeks I have been having an awesome time working with Pete Longworth Printing his exhibition titled Wonderland. The Body fo work is now on exhibition at Multiple Box gallery in Dank Street Waterloo. I hope you enjoy this video I highly recomend checking out the exhibition if you get the chance otherwise please check out Pete Longworths You Tube site at and his website at

In petes words "Welcome to the launch of my latest photographic exhibition, Wonderland. Captured entirely on a plastic toy camera, the work celebrates the ecstasy of travel and the lustful mystery of foreign places. The vast majority of the collection was photographed during a backpacking misadventure throughout Central America. "

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Warrick Martin

Its always a good day at the lighthouse when Wazza leaves new film. Most commonly shooting on 6x17 and using E-6 film his images are always perfectly exposed, have brilliant composition and when they find their way to the lightbox they are so radiant. It's work like this which is one of the reasons I love what I do so much even if it is a tease making me dream of how ide love to travel to so many of the places he has been hahaha.

~Stephen Frizza

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stain Series - Stephen Frizza

This image was created in 2 parts. The First part the subject material was a piece of Ilford resin black and white paper I had taken and exposed to light. I then splashed it with a variety of different chemicals then lain a second sheet of photographic paper upon it. I then splashed more photographic chemicals upon the sheet of paper and let the liquid crystallize upon its surface. I then left the paper on the floor of my darkroom for 1 month, letting my shoe occasionally step on it letting mold and mildew build up in colonies to produce this alien landscape.

The second part of this image was done by taking this piece of paper and placing it on a copy stand where i made an 8x10" transparency and an 8x10" colour negative from it. The original landscape (the top image) was about 25cm x 47cm in size while the final image is to be printed 50 inches by 95 inches to consume the viewer in this landscape of chemical, Bacterial and fungal mess. I have provided 2 other samples of small sections of the image (the second two photographs here) so you can see close up some of the landscape.

~ Stephen Frizza

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nice Feedback

Its always nice to get some feedback, Thanks Dan. To check out Dan Himbrechts blog please visit

~ Stephen Frizza

Friday, July 10, 2009

Simon Upton

Simon Upton is one of the Australias leading photographers in fashion, editorial, celebrity portraiture. I was asked to Proof these images of Naomi Watts for him which I really enjoyed. Most of simons work is now done on digital with Mike Cockcroft of Bitdepth playing a large roll in the post production. To see more of Simon Uptons work please visit his website at or visit his Australian Agent RPR here

~Stephen Frizza

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lighthouse Lab Joins You Tube

The Lighthouse Lab has Just joined You Tube. I look forward to using the Lighthouse Lab on You Tube as a way of showing followers interesting videos of photographic processes, interesting photographers work and also general videos I find inspiring. To visit The Lighthouse Lab on you Tube please visit Enjoy.

~Stephen Frizza

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Home Made Lens Test

With how busy The Lighthouse Lab keeps me I rarely find the time to shoot. So when I do its usually in ungodly hours of the morning or night. This series of 6 images was shot on a lens I had made myself out of plastic pipe and some pieces of curved glass that I was given from a friend who has recently retired from the Photographic Industry. I focus literally by holding the front element of glass at different distances along the tube, also if i tilt the glass i use to focus it throws areas out of focus similar to a lens Baby. Mind you i like the fact my creation was free. Because of how it distorts and has issues focusing i feel the lens had drunk i took it out for a night on the town. This series resulted please click on image for larger view

~Stephen Frizza

Holocaust - M.I. Records

Every week The Lighthouse Lab will have at least one client come in with old film that has been sitting in either their home or the home of a relative for well over 20 years. Sometimes these rolls offer nothing, more often than not they have images of a by gone holiday or the family with the their first car. Nice nostalgic images which are treasure finds. Every few months though these old films yield truly astonishing images. This week such a roll arrived at The Lighthouse.
While it was in very poor condition it proved to hold almost 60 very interesting images from world war two. This film however was not the original film but clearly a duplicate of an original made in the late 1940's. The final exposure on the roll indicates it was for The British Ministry of Information however as to why they never processed this piece of film remains a mystery.

~Stephen Frizza

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

William Meppem

William Meppem is one of Australias Leading photographers in the field of food and still life, travel and lifestyle, interoirs and entertainment. over the years I have work on many of williams projects for magazines including Vogue Australia, Gourmet Traveller, Donna Hay to name a few. His work as can be seen from the sample above is delicious. It always leaves me wishing I could carry his bags to the destinations he travels or sample the foods he has shot. To see more of his work please visit this website of his work by clicking HERE

~Stephen Frizza

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dan Himbrechts

I met Dan Himbrechts at a company called Photo Technica where I worked prior to launching The Lighthouse. Since opening The Lighthouse Dan has used my services for his analog work.
This Image was one from a series he took of famous Snow Boarding identities which went on exhibition. Dan has an amazing eye for sports photography and I highly recommend visiting his website at to view more of his work.

~Stephen Frizza

Joy Lai

After another series of ultra late nights making magic in the darkroom these two images are teasers to an awesome new body of work by joy Lai which went on display at the Some Days gallery in Surry Hills . These two were shot in the glaciers of New Zealand. To see more of joy Lai work please click HERE or the photographs above.

~Stephen Frizza


The PMA (Photo Marketing Association) had their convention at Darling Harbour this week. Having attended I was suprised at how much Analog has been squeezed out of it. The Ilford stand a company loved for its awesome Black and White Film, Silver Gelatin Paper and Analog processing Chemistry only had Ilford Inkjet papers on display with no mention of anything Analog, The Fuji Stand a company which produces great products like Velvia, Reala and Neopan didn't have anything about film or analog products on display. And then there was Kodak whom I felt must have been mocking anlog by only having kodak 400 Max film and disposable cameras on display... A huge lack of analog! especially since kodak just launched kodak Ekta 100 a new colour film this year. All was not in vain though! Pete Longworth gave an awesome speech about his projects both past present and in the pipeline. To see Petes video from PMA please lick these two links and I've been motivated to look into hosting a stand next year on Analog imaging!!...whos with me?

~Stephen Frizza

Nine to Five - Annette Goubran

Annette Gourbran who's fun images of Luna Park's clowns featured earlier in our blog has just won picture of the Week in 9 to 5 magazine. The image was shot during sydneys Vivid Festival. Congratulations Annette. To view the image and article please click on the image above. If you would like to enter this weekly competition sponsored by PAXTONS then please click the
this link :

~Stephen Frizza

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Justin Shoulder

This portrait of Dallas Dellaforce shot by Justin Shoulder really made me smile. Justin Shoulder is an ultra talented artist whos work spans from stills photography to costume design to preformance art. I met Justin through working with him at Photo Technica before I left to launch The Lighthouse Lab. I eagerly look forward to seeing more creations from him. To read more about Justin please click here. Oh and enjoy this video of one of his performances below.

~Stephen Frizza

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rupert Kaldor & Jesse McNair

This body of work which was processed and scanned at The Lighthouse Lab is currently a feature in Pulp Magazine. It was a joint shoot between Rupert kaldor and Jesse Mcnair. Nice work guys, to check out more of their work please visit their websites & or buy Pulp Magazine

~Stephen Frizza

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lisa Hogben

This Image from Lisa Hogbens Series "Ten Years From The Heart - Photographs of redfern waterloo" is just one of many I have been lucky enough to be involved with over the years. Lisa is a renound photo journalist in whos works documenting current aboriginal issues is certain to form an important historical collection in the future. Lisa has an awesome website with galleried showing various bodies of her work. I highly recomend checking these out please click this link to view her work

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

James Cant

This beautiful photograph was shot on an 8x10" sheet of EPY which was cross processed. The negative which resulted is ultra dense but when printed with an exposure time of close to 13 minutes (not seconds) minutes!!!! this is the beautiful image that results. James is truly a master with the 8x10 format and I really enjoyed working with him on producing this image. I had no idea such things were possible. One of the great things about My Job is I learn new things every day. To see more of James work please visit his website at

~Stephen Frizza

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ann Niddrie

This Image by Ann Niddrie was printed in the early days at The Lighthouse Lab. I have always enjoyed working with Ann, she has a really good website with blog which I recomend you check out.

Juilee Pryor

I met Juilee Pryor at a place called Platinum Imaging very early on in my photographic career. Since the first time I met her I have been hooked, she is one of the coolest artists in sydney who experiments with a range of photographic mediums. My favorite of hers is her Infra Red which is done on the now discontinued Kodak HIE. I mainly process her C-41 and E-6 materials and really enjoy seeing the magic she makes. The top two images were produced using a kodak underwater Disposable camera! Awesome. Visit Juilees website here

~Stephen Frizza

Long Bay Jail

The Past month I have been juggling client work at the lighthouse lab with a private commission from the Heritage Office and The Department of Correctional Services to spend one month at Long bay Correctional Facility. This Site was built well over 100 years ago originally as an isolated women's prison. Over the years it has grown into one of the biggest male prisons in the country with some interesting features. Such as a hospital for prisoners and The largest coal fired boilers in the southern hemisphere. The boilers were a Highlight of my shooting there! The place was ultra dirty but the turn of the century machinery was stunning. One aspect of the job which at first worried me was that because of the jobs duration they did not have someone with me at all times. In fact there was never anyone with me, but the inmates were all really friendly.
The facility was quite diffrent to what i expected. The job was completed on 2800 sheets of 4x5" but im sure I could have easily shot another 2800 sheets there.

~Stephen Frizza

Monday, June 15, 2009

Skin Cancer

The Lighthouse lab worked on the stills images for this Skin Cancer campaign by Tim Gibbs. I have had the privilege of known Tim for 7 years now and his work never ceases to amaze me. I hope this commercial drives home the message every bit as strongly as it did for me. Seeing the 6x7 transparencies of this girl on the light box has made me realize how much I love my darkroom and am glad I'm out of the sun :-)

To see more of Tim Gibbs great work please visit his website at

~Stephen Frizza

New Year 2008

This image was photographed by Michael Waite. The process he used to create the colour in this image is very interesting. It is done by taking 3 images on black and white film and I had to sit very very still. The first image is shot through a red filter, the second through a green filter and the third through a blue filter. The three black and white negatives are then paired with their complimentry CYM colour accoring to the filter they were exposed with. Then when printed the diffrent densities of the negatives and their CYM filters combine to produce these colour renditions. This image was scanned by Mike Cockcroft of Bit Depth making sure to keep the colour true to its analog form. The image was then used to make my end of year cards.Thanks Michael Waite and Mike Cockroft for your great work.

~Stephen Frizza

Small But Strong

Mike and I made this advertisment for Email for our second Birthday, it was also re printed in The Photographic Trader Magazine with a slightly diffrent write up. The Image features a fun digitally minipulated image of Mike's son jack.

Christina McMahon

I met Christina McMahon through the lighthouse lab, These two images of hers shown above are just two examples of an ongoing body of work she is doing. Recently she has started shooting on the Bronica 645 system using a 500mm lens for her moon shots. Last year we assisted her with the printing of her exhibition "On Life, Death and existance" at Shapiro Gallery Queen Street Woollahra. To see more of Christinas work please visit her website at

Dennis Del Favero

The Lighthouse lab was privileged to print these colour and density tests for Dennis Del Favero's work chimera this week. For anyone unfamiliar with the work of Dennis Del Favero to get some idea please click HERE or just type his name into google and be WOWed!

~Stephen Frizza

Lost and Found

After a series of long and sleepless nights down here at the Lighthouse Lab Joy Lai has printed a series of Stunning photographs depicting industrial abandonment in Sydney. The works made by her and photographers John Dennis, Darren Amesbury go on display June 13th at Somedays gallery. For more information please click on images above.