Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Postcard Exchange

The Post Card Exchange has been running for a few years now, What started out as a small group has grown to more than 70 people around the world. The Exchange runs out of a website called APUG (Analog Photography Users Group). how it works is you submitt your adress and how many postcards you would like to send and then your details are sent to that many people and you get a list of adresses for how many cards you want to send. The adresses are located all around the world. You print your post cards and then post them off and over the comming weeks you get awesome postcards arriving from all around the world with photographs the sender has made. Most cards are printed on Ilford Post Card Paper however some people choose other paperstocks and print the postcard layout on the back of the photographs themselves. The top image in these three is the first I sent off and the other 2 photographs are cards I received.
If you would like more information on the post card Exchange please visit

This exchange is heaps of fun, the image you get are Awesome! and on the backs the sender writes where the photograph was taken and how it was done.

~ Stephen Frizza