Sunday, April 3, 2005

Welcome to The Lighthouse

This blog has been created to share with you projects that occur at The Lighthouse Lab and show you the works of photographers I have been privileged to be involved with. I hope you enjoy this blog and some of the highlights that give me joy in photography.

In late 2004 The Lighthouse was founded and over the course of several months the search was on for photographic machines from E-6 & C-41 dip and dunk processors to 10x10" durst enlargers, Ilfochrome processors and obscure items such as polaroid polachrome processors and polaroid dupe printers that print back to polaroid.

Over the summer of 2004/2005 a location had been found in Bondi and The Lighthouse Lab began to be constructed at Shop 2-219 Bondi Road Bondi N.S.W Australia 2026 where the lab is still located today.

It was on the Monday April the fourth 2005 The Lighthouse opened its doors to the public and I have enjoyed every moment since.